What the hell is PEMF?

PEMF -- what the hell is PEMF? I keep writing about the scientific end of it, how the magnetics do different things to your body, but here's my story with PEMF.

My sister and her husband have a friend who has a machine, they kept telling me I needed to try it, it helped them to heal so much after a surgery and just general life aches and pains. So I visited friend and experienced a treatment on PEMF, and it was beyond wonderful, I felt like I floated out of there. My shoulder had been a problem for about six months at that point, after my 100lb puppy Jack pulled on his leash when I wasn't ready for it. Anyways, when I got home from my sisters, I looked to see if anyone in Victoria had one of these machines, I wanted more! I found a lovely lady here in Victoria who also had a PEMF mat, and I visited three times. So after four treatments, I could sleep on my right side again -- it had been over six months! I was amazed at how my shoulder had healed (not 100%, but close to it), and also how wonderful I felt. I had a lot of energy, and just felt BETTER!

So of course I bought one. Well, I bought two, one in my clinic, and one portable. Anyways, I started to use it every day. Of course your body starts to detox as soon as you use the PEMF, so the first couple of weeks were up and down. I wasn't sure if I had the "100 day cold" that was going around this winter, but I had cold-like symptoms come and go for a few weeks. Basically all of the signs you would expect if you were doing a major detox -- you know, all those things you read about! Now it is about two and a half months since I have been using the mat every day. I feel amazing! My energy is like it used to be decades ago! I sleep like a baby, sometimes I don't even wake up during the night, but if I do to go to the bathroom, I can get right back to sleep again. My shoulder doesn't hurt any more, my low back doesn't hurt any more. I had symptoms of fatty liver and have been using the PEMF magic wand on my thyroid gland, which is traditionally sluggish in us people with O type blood. My liver isn't a problem any more. I can go on, but you don't all need to know about every ailment I used to have!

I love my PEMF! I can't say enough about it. It helps absolutely everything, because it stimulates every cell in your body (who knew there were over 70trillion of them inside of us!) . When you lay on the mat, your body drops down into the parasympathetic nervous state, which is where your healing takes place. There are countries in Europe that have patients use a PEMF mat daily before and after surgery. I can go on and on, bottom line is it works! Call me and experience it for yourself! IslandPEMF@gmail.com or 250-857-5953.

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