Are you one of the Walking Wounded?

As I walk around, living life and doing what needs to be done, I see so many people out there who I call the Walking Wounded. It’s kind of scary how many people are limping as they walk and exhibiting signs of pain and fatigue, whose bodies are just not functioning the way they are meant to function. But when I look at our Health Care System, I feel that it is really a Symptom Care System. Doctors seem to just treat the symptoms that plague us, and don’t really get to the root of the problem. How many people these days actually have restorative sleep and feel good when they awake in the morning? How much money do we all spend every month on supplements? How do we know how all of this WiFi and electricity everywhere is affecting us?

It seems that healthy cells are a luxury these days! I have to wonder if the next major health crisis is in the making right now with all of this unnatural electricity floating around us?

Swiss Bionic Solutions has made these amazing PEMF mats, there are two different kinds available. They are made so that you can go on them two or three times a day, so that all 75trillion of the cells in your body will be stimulated and can then function properly. This is the only whole body mat system available in Canada that has a medical device license from Health Canada. It is so easy, all you have to do is lay on it for eight minutes and it stimulates all of your cells so that the body can then work as a whole, and disease cannot invade your body. The cells can absorb minerals, nutrition and oxygen better and they can eliminate toxins, carbon dioxide and water better. Obviously, when your body works as a whole, each cells contributes to the optimal health of you!

Want to have deep, rejuvenating sleep? Want your pain and inflammation to go away? Want to improve your circulation and heart health? Want to look better, feel better, and have better moods? Call me! Your very own PEMF mat is waiting for you and your family, to enjoy every day for the rest of your healthy lives!

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