The Life Quest for Good Health

I've been on a quest for most of my life for the ultimate healing. I was so incredibly lucky to find Quantum Touch about four years ago, and things have not been the same since.

But before getting there, I tried:

Colonics -- after all, a healthy colon is a happy colon! A little weird, having a hose stuck up your butt and cleansing your colon. But it works, and is something I should probably look into again!

Hydrogen Peroxide cleanse -- yup, bought the food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, 29%, started at a few drops a day and worked my way up to about 25drops, 3x/day. It was an interesting experiment, but my stomach still wants to heave every time I think about having to drink that! However, a friend of mine commented that my eyes had never been so clear and bright and I had never looked so good! It's a good thing to try if you are fighting cancer, as cancer can't live in an oxygen environment.

Live Blood Analysis -- this is very interesting, and a good way to see what your body is deficient in. It cost a lot and the supplements I had to take were also quite expensive, but it was the ultimate look at my blood health.

InfraRed Sauna -- still have it in the guest room, use it 1-2x a week, good for a great sweat and it helps to cleanse out toxins in the body. It makes my hair and my nails grow really fast, so it stimulates something inside of me.

Foot Detox -- put your feet in with the electrical unit and the gruesomeness that comes out of your body is undescribable. Obviously a good detox but don't drop the bag of grossness before you get to the toilet to flush it! Still use it regularly, but with a dog in our home now, it's only available when he's not home!

Chiropractic -- went more than once a month for most of my life, until I found Quantum Touch. Don't need it any more. Regular QT keeps my spine in alignment.

Acupuncture -- wonderful treatment and it opens up blocked channels so your life force can flow more easily. But unless you are a DCM, you can't do it to yourself. I always floated out of the office after a treatment, it is wonderful and very effective.

And now there's the PEMF mat. It's like having Quantum Touch done on you as it stimulates all of the cells in your body. I have not felt so good since I can't remember when, maybe my late teens, or early twenties? I jump out of bed in the morning knowing that I'm going to have a lay-down on the PEMF mat, it is a great way to start the day. I just can't say enough about this technology, invented by NASA, examined by NASA via numerous studies, it works! There have been over 2,000 studies done on PEMF, it is known to help with anxiety and depression, helps with non-union of fractured bones, helps clear migraine headaches. Fine-tune your health in just a few minutes a day, call me for a trial, or if you want to buy one to have at your own home. Take charge of your health, the sooner the better!

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