Treatments and Rates

PEMF therapy sessions are approximately 45 minutes, during which clients will first use the​ mat applicator with the iSLRS which is a sound and light relaxation system, and then either the pad applicator or the probe applicator for a more focused and intense spot specific treatment.

The PEMF mat employs a triple sawtooth wave pulsed frequency, and activates and energizes every single cell in your body.

The ​pad applicator and the probe applicator each emit a more focused field, and employs the NASA proven square wave impulse technology for healing, regeneration and pain relief.




Quantum Touch Treatment Rates

A Quantum Touch treatment combined with the PEMF mat produces amazing results. First by laying on the PEMF mat, your body goes into the parasympathetic nerve state which is where healing occurs.  Then, with some Quantum Touch applied, the body is very able to make the changes it needs to heal.

PEMF mat and Quantum Touch Core Alignment (approx 1hr) $60

After having a sore hip for years, three treatments on the PEMF mat followed by a Quantum Touch core alignment, and I haven't had any pain since!  Plus the relaxation of both of these therapies is absolutely wonderful!


Happy Shoulder

I sustained an injury to my shoulder and it just wouldn't heal, even though I tried so many different types of therapy.  Four sessions on the PEMF mat as well as specific targeting of my shoulder area, and I can finally use my arm normally again.  No more pain, lots of flexibility!